About Me

My flag flies above a woman who loves to laugh and discover, who finds bliss at 15 hands and a blazing gallop and who finds peace in the worship of my Creator.


La illaha il Allah, Mohammed Rasululah. I testify that there is no God but God, and Mohamed is his messenger. After a long spiritual journey, my path brought me to Islam, but I welcome your faith, respect your beliefs, and invite you to share with me.



I’m passionate about many things, but nothing makes my heart race like my horse, Katillac (aka Kat, Kat-attack, Katsup, Katmandu). Kat is an 11 year old chestnut Arabian with one giant personality. He’s always up for an adventure, and full of antics. Watch your hat! He might try to steal it when you’re not looking.



Exploring, learning, discovering… My life is an adventure unfolding.




Photos by Rehan Lashari.


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